1. Legislative framework
1.1 The collection, registration, organization, preservation or storage, modification, export, use, transmittal, transmission or any other form of distribution, correlation or combination, connection, commitment, deletion or destruction of personal data (hereinafter called “Processing”) is considered processing of personal data.
1.2 For the processing of User’s personal data, the Company acts as Data Processor and this processing is performed according to the current Greek legislation. The Company declares that fully complies with the provisions of the applicable Greek law.

2. Data provided directly from User
2.1 The company processes the information provided by the User through the website, either by the completion of the Contact Form, or the submission of a curriculum vitae or any other way, such as for example through advertising campaign in social network media. Similarly, the Company processes the information provided by the User through third websites and social network media for the purposes of advertising and promotion of its services.
2.2 That information is indicatively: User’s full name, his/her email, his/her telephone number, his/her sex as well as any other personal data emerging from his/her cv.
2.3 If the User disagrees with the use of his/her data for the promotion and advertising of the Company’s services he/she can declare it at the corresponding point during the filling out of the aforementioned contact forms.

3. Data received through the use of cookies
3.1 The website uses small files named micro data (cookies) which are used by the Company to adapt the User’s experience. The use of micro data is technically essential for the complete implementation of the User’s connection to the Website.
3.2 With the collection of micro data the Company does not save neither processes personal data of its Website Users.

4. Data of the Company’s Clients
4.1 The Company processes the personal data of its clients for the purposes imposed by the execution of the contract and agreement between them.
4.2 The User provides his/her consent, explicitly agrees and unreservedly accepts any processing action which the Company will perform in the context of the provision of Services to the User, indicatively aiming to represent the User, and to mediate at the relevant procedures with the public tax authorities for the safeguarding and services of the User’s financial, accounting, tax and other relevant needs.
4.3 User’s personal data remain through the whole term of the agreement with the Company and for two (2) years after its expiry, except otherwise appointed based on the current tax legislation. You can request the deletion of your personal data at a shorter time period, which we will adhere if it is possible.

5. Sign up – Newsletter
5.1 For the browsing at the Website no User’s sign up is required.
5.2 If the User wishes to, he/she can sign up to the Company’s newsletter by providing his/her email. By sharing this address with the Company, the User accepts the Company’s contact with him/her for promotional and advertising purposes. The Company is committed not to forward this address to third parties.
5.3 The User can unsubscribe from the Company’s newsletter anytime, by notifying his intention to the Company. Following this notification, the email is deleted from any file of the company within 5 working days.

6. Data collected through other websites
6.1 With the use of the Facebook Ads service, the User accepts the Privacy Policy of the social media network Facebook and that of Company and consents to the collection and processing of his/her data by the Company.
6.2 The data collected by the Company in the context of this service are among others the User’s full name, his/her email address and the data he/she provides by filling out the Company’s questionnaire.
6.3 The Company processes those data for the answering of the User’s questions and then for his/her information and participation to the Company’s advertising campaigns. With the use of the service, the User accepts and consents to the processing of his/her data in this way.

7. User’s consent
7.1 The User of the Website and services must read carefully the Terms of Use, and in case of disagreement he/she must abstain from it and inform the relevant department of the company at the following email: gdpr@e-logistiki.gr
7.2 Through the acceptance of the Terms of Use and through the voluntarily provision of the required personal data, the User provides his/her consent, explicitly agrees and unreservedly accepts the processing of those personal data, which is made according to those defined in the Terms of Use.
7.3 The User is entitled to withdraw his/her consent for the processing of his/her data anytime. However, this withdrawal will not affect the legality of the processing which is based on his/her consent for the time period prior to the withdrawal, neither the further processing of the same data, which is performed under other legal base, such as the completion of the agreement or the compliance need with a legal obligation to which the Company is subject to.

8. Purpose of processing
8.1 Any processing of personal data performed by the Company is performed for fair and legal purposes connected with the provision of Services selected by the User.
8.2 The User explicitly declares and accepts that the personal data he/she registers and announces to the Company and which are collected and processed by it, are relevant, suitable and not more than those required in view of the aforementioned processing purposes.
8.3 The User’s personal data are exclusively used either for the service of his/her own financial and tax needs or for internal use by the Company, or on behalf of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue [AADE] since this is requested from us legally and we are required to provide. The data are also used for the promotion of the Company’s products. For example, the Users’ email addresses are used for the sending of newsletters for the Company’s services as well as for communication with its clients through social media networks.
8.4 The company is committed that will not use the User’s personal data for other purposes, except those mentioned herein, without his/her prior information and his/her consent whenever required.

9. User’s Rights
9.1 The User retains the rights mentioned in provisions of articles 15-22 of the European Regulation 679/2016.
9.2 More specifically, the User retains the right to get informed about the processing, to have access to personal data that concern him/her and which are or will be processed as well as to express objections for the processing of data that concern him/her, according to the provisions of articles 15-22 of the European Regulation 679/2016, as well as the current Greek legislation. Regarding the objections, he/she can request the correction, the temporary non use, the commitment, the transmittal or not, or even more the deletion of his/her personal data.
9.3 For the execution of rights provided to the User, by virtue of the aforementioned provisions, his/her contact with the Company is required, as well as the written information of the Data Processor for the User’s Claims.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction
10.1 This text, as well as any dispute or claim deriving from or in relation to those is governed by and interpreted according to the Greek Law and the New General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR). It is explicitly agreed, concluded and mutually accepted that the Courts of Thessaloniki will have the exclusive jurisdiction referring to any dispute or claim that might emerge between the Company and the User, and is governed herein.

11. Contact us
11.1 For further information or questions referring to the processing of data or the execution of any of his/her legal right, the User can contact in email: info@forologiki.gr